1.0 Introduction

Welcome to earlystagetechboards.com !

This website has been created to assist directors and managers of early-stage technology companies to develop and operate high performing Boards of Directors.

Boards of early-stage technology companies have significant challenges: incomplete management teams, inexperienced and aggressive founders, lack of resources, high risk with small margins for error, etc. Experienced directors can make a significant difference if the Board is structured and empowered properly. The technology industry needs a system of Board governance that addresses its issues. Please see the preamble.

This website includes dozens of documents prepared by experienced directors and advisors in the technology industry in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. The documents use material taken from sites available online which are included in the links section. It includes manuals which capture the responsibilities and requirements for Boards and Committees, several documents on best practices and practical advice on organizing Board meetings.

Please use the menu at the top of this page to get access to the various sections or use the “prev” or “next” links on the left menu to go through the documents in sequence.

These documents are available for anyone to use. Please feel free to download and use at your convenience. We have included links to other relevant sites. We have provided a Table of Contents to make navigation a little easier.

We would appreciate learning from your experience. Please email me with your comments and suggestions. You can edit documents or write new ones. All good suggestions will be included, although I may exercise some editorial control.

Comments? Please email: dwrowat@stratcat.com.

Strategic Catalysts Inc. is a private consulting practice operated by David W. Rowat in Vancouver, Canada.  SCI provides strategic and financial advice to technology companies. Please visit the website at www.stratcat.com.

Mr. Rowat is also a Partner with  Strategic Exits Partners Ltd., a boutique investment bank whose sole role is to assist tech entrepreneurs and their angel investors in structuring and executing the optimum exit transaction.  Mr. Rowat has written extensively on virtual companies, and why they sell for more money, and why their founders and angels make more money in an exit transaction.